Thursday, December 15, 2011


Day 2123 - Survivor Finale this Sunday!

Greetings, Bloggy Workin' for The Weekenders-

Here's a really cute picture from Christmas last year. Isn't that a cute little angelic face?

But no Christmas talk in today's blog, I HAVE to talk about Survivor.

This has been an interesting season because there were so many people I dislike!

I can't stand Coach. I can't stand Albert. I can't stand Brandon.

For ME, I want the winner to be either Ozzy or Sophie, and Ozzy has to win the next challenge at Redemption Island.

But set your DVRs - the finale is SUNDAY NIGHT the 18th.

I haven't been watching this year-maybe next year. I disliked Coach on previous season. Is Ozzy a previous player? I remember someone with that name.

Doing paperwork, cards today. Tonite am going to Cafe Nomad with Mary Ann for a wine tasting. She's my singles buddy and as you know she's a lot of fun. Did I mention we play pool on Tuesday nights at a pool hall? 6-8 senior ladies. We provide great entertainment for the (younger) guys who hang out there. I'm lousy but learning.
I hope the one you are cheering for wins. I have watched only parts of Survivor. I guess the contestants in these reality shows have to be pretty mean to win or they think they do!

I do love that picture of Savi from last year. She is changing all the time!
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