Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Day 2121 - So Many Things I Don't Know!

Greetings, Bloggy Know-It-Alls,

It's remarkable how clueless I can be about some things.

One recent example is that I never knew that in a pinch, you can use your DVD player to play a CD!

I know, I know, a DVD looks like a CD and all, but one is a movie or video, and one is just music.

For some reason, I never even considered putting a music CD into the DVD player to see what would happen until we were on vacation for Thanksgiving.

This was an oversight on my part! Now I am very happy to know that a DVD player has more than one use...

That's all, no earth shattering news, unless you're ME!

Hi all! I missed yesterday's cute pic, mamma!!! Love it! I have JUST started shopping for xmas...sooo behind this year. Hope i get everything done on time! sheesh.
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