Monday, December 12, 2011


Day 2120 - Monday, Monday....

Greetings, Monday Moaning Blah-gers!

The completely vacant-looking Christmas morning child in the red bathrobe is ME.

My grandmother is on the couch in the background.

There is a chalkboard in the photo. I NEVER noticed that on the chalkboard it says 'To Karen from Santa'! Awesome!

It's back to work today...but...

There are Christmas boxes that I need to mail, and they aren't ready yet. My Christmas cards haven't been started. My Christmas dinner hasn't been purchased. My house is a MESS.

Hope YOU have a wonderful Monday!

Love that little vacant look! Such a great memory! I remember the doll on the floor, too! You enjoyed that chalkboard for many years!

I have mailed cards, checks, gift cards to kids and grandkids, and greatgrands, but haven't started my friends' cards yet. We might get our tree today. It's 22 degrees right now. Gil is telling me the deer ate his bird seed last night. They manage to get the bird seed out without knocking the top off the bird feeder (last year they always knocked off the top--now they have more experience, I guess!)
Karen even though I am retired, unlike diligent retiree Peggy, I have not sent one package or one card. I have spent time with Christmas decorations, including the gorgeous tree that I won, which Gil had to fix since part of the plastic stand broke and the tree fell down (several times!)it fell down--so I had to spend time putting the ornaments back on (most didn't come off, thank heavens)

Also too busy going to craft fairs and numerous events with Peggy & Gil, and Mary Ann. This morning I feel like crap (cold I think) but must wrap and send gift to Hawaii friend today--always delay from Hilo to Volcano, where she lives.
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