Saturday, December 10, 2011


Day 2118 - Litigation LOOT!

Greetings, Bloggy Money Grubbers-

I got a FREE CHECK IN THE MAIL YESTERDAY that I wasn't expecting. (cheers and applause) Has that ever happened to you?

It was my share of a litigation (lawsuit) settlement for currency conversion charges incurred when I used to travel to England for work.

Of course, that was YEARS ago - I haven't been to England in 7 or 8 years? I can't remember exactly when I was there last.

Anyway - I need to get that check in the bank, it is burning a hole in my pocketbook!

Uh... the amount?

EIGHTEEN DOLLARS and four cents.

Well, it's FREE MONEY, isn't it?

Yep money is money, Karen! Your pool incident shows why some kids grow up to be insensitive and annoying!

Hope Savi enjoys the Nutcracker. I don't remember how old Eric was when I first started taking him--the first time, he loved the expanding tree and Mouse King/Nutcracker battle but slept through the beautiful dancing in the second act. Of course the little girl would-be dancers in the audience stayed awake through the whole thing! I think she'll love it--waiting for a report!

I felt so nostalgic when I unpacked my two large nutcrackers, of the Prince and the Mouse King, I bought last year at my final SF Ballet Nutcracker (Waaaahhh!!!). Next year I'lll try to go to a performance in Portland.
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