Wednesday, December 07, 2011


Day 2115 - The Christmas Play...

Greetings, Bloggy Christmas Cheer-ers!
I heard a great, and TRUE story at the Beekeepers Banquet Monday night.

This happened many years ago...

A young girl came home from school, excited that she had been chosen for a role in the school Christmas play.

Her mother asked 'What part will you be playing?'

The daughter answered 'I'm going to be a Ho!'

The mother, CALMLY said 'Honey - what does that mean?'

The daughter said 'There are three of us - we say 'HO','HO,'HO'!'

Now tell me, is that the cutest story ever??

Hahaha!!!!!! What little girl doesn't want to be a Ho for Christmas? Lol! Thanks hysterical!
Great story!!
It's good the mom knew enough not to freak out. Reminds me of what I said years ago -when Sandra Hill and i came in from hoeing the garden, I said to my mother (innocently, way back then!) "we're a couple of good hoers". Wonder went through mama's mind??
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