Sunday, December 04, 2011


Day 2112 - The tree is in progress!!

Greetings, Bloggy Christmas Decorators!

No, no picture yet, but last night I put the lights on the tree, and Charlie took out the ornament box.

I probably told you a year ago about my lights, but it bears repeating.

Over the years, my packages of tree lights had started to give out. I remembered that I had a box of OUTDOOR icicle style lights.

Long story short, they work perfectly fine and stringing them is just as easy.

We might go see 'The Immortals' this afternoon!

TTFN and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Happy Sunday! My days felt off after having dance practice today. It took me until about 2pm to realize it was Sunday, not Saturday. Bummer. Work tomorrow. I still love my job, but (as with every stinkin job ive ever had) i've started disliking my co-workers. Everyone is at least 10 years younger and very immature. The drama is nauseating, and they are LAZY LAZY LAZY so i find myself doing most of the work while the girls sit in their office and chat. I can't complain because the lazy girls are buddies with the boss and sometimes the BOSS is in the room chatting it up too while I'm running around sweating, so I'm on my own. I can only pray that they will eventually go elsewhere...because Id really hate to leave a good place AGAIN due to crappy staff.
Karen growing up we had the outdoor size lights on our tree so when Eric was growing up I always used outdoor lights. Now Eric doesn't like small lights!
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