Sunday, November 27, 2011


Day 2105 - Rain, Rain, Snow, Snow!

Greetings, Bloggy Weather Watchers-

It's going to rain all day here in Tennessee, but that is fine with me. It beats the huge snowstorm the day before Thanksgiving.

It snowed a FOOT in Bethel, Maine in ONE storm. That could get old in a hurry, but it really was beautiful.

That maroon lump is our rental car.

We rented from Enterprise, and had a very pleasant rental experience. The car was a Kia. It was very easy to drive, and got good gas mileage.

Have a nice Sunday, rain or snow or shine!

Nice snow pics you got Mamma! I love all the pics you posted on FB!!! Awesome! So, we put the tree up last night, and this morning Savi came out and (sadly) said, "Santa didn't bring me ANYTHING! I'm gonna cry!!" Poor thing thought that the tree instantly meant presents were coming the next morning. I keep trying to explain, but I have a feeling there may be more disappointment come tomorrow.
Heather - Poor Savi! Didn't Grammy give you an advent calendar??

That would be good to show Savi how many sleeps there are till Christmas, and have a treat each day until Santa comes.

It doesn't start till December 1st, right???
Duh - I didn't think of that.

Maybe tell her that it's not time for Santa until the STOCKINGS go up, and show her pictures of the 'stockings were hung by the chimney with care'?

What a funny (not so funny!) story about the tree and Savi's expectations! She reminds me of Art Linkletter's "Kids say the darndest things!" I think the Advent calendar will help her count the days.

Great picture of your rental car buried in snow and it's not even December!

Dave and Tim leave early Tues am. Boo hoo! It's been a really good visit, even Dave says so!
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