Saturday, November 19, 2011


Day 2097 - Pepsi and Peanuts - a Southern Tradition

Greetings, Bloggy Pepsi and Peanutters!

Hey - before I forget to tell you - the theatres and IMAX at Opry Mills Mall are reopening this weekend, two years after the floods closed the mall. I don't think the other stores are opened yet, except for Bass Pro Shops.

But now on to the blog topic of the day...

Charlie eats peanuts by dumping the bag into a bottle of Pepsi. It is my understanding that this is 'normal' behavior for folks in the Midwest and the South.

Charlie said that Cokes were 8 ounces (which I remember), but Pepsi's (that I didn't drink) were 10 ounces for the same price. I didn't know that!

Anyway, you drink a big gulp of the Pepsi to make room for the peanuts, then carefully pour them in. You drink and chew, drink and chew, and keep doing that till your peanuts and pepsi are both gone.

Sweet and salty AND liquid and solid... Sounds like everything is covered!

Ugh ugh ugh! But hey, I haven't tried it.
Now off to Decca crafts fair and to meet up with fab Karen family!
See you soon!! Just relaxing listening to old Christmas movie songs :)
Day is done, and we're done in too(in a nice way!) 2 craft fairs then all together here for lobster, tossed salad, and fresh apple pie and/or pumpkin pie, and ice cream for dessert. How our little Savi loves lobster! Oh and homemade bread, too. Gil does a lot of work boiling the lobsters and serving them, and cleaning up, too!
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