Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Day 2093 - Do Not Be Afraid, or Continue to Be Afraid!

Greetings, Bloggy Fearfuls!

It's hard NOT to be afraid when it seems that advertising and news coverage and even weather forecasts try to SCARE you into taking something, watching something, or doing something.

Have you noticed that?

A commercial tells about the wonderful benefits a new drug has, then proceeds to list so many side effects you wouldn't be caught dead (ha!) taking it.

The weatherman on our local news channel dispenses tidbits of weather, then cuts to a commercial, then dispenses a bit more weather, then they talk about something else, then back to give you a speck MORE about the weather.

We don't have plain ol' weather anymore - we have SEVERE weather, and WIND ADVISORIES, and WINTER STORM WARNINGS, just to keep you watching and alarmed.

So, the next time BREAKING NEWS occurs - yawn and turn the channel...

Karen, you are right on the money! We have noticed the same thing, and we don't like it!

One thing I do like is that we'll be seeing you soon!
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