Monday, November 14, 2011


Day 2092 - Cowboy Wedding!

Greetings, Bloggy Cowboys and Cowgirls!

Charlie and I went Western yesterday afternoon. We attended a Cowboy wedding, held on a horse farm, outdoors, at sunset.

The groom had on a cowboy hat, the preacher had on a cowboy hat, and on the wedding invitation guests were invited to wear jeans, boots, and cowboy hats.

They had a big BBQ dinner afterward, and both chocolate and white wedding cake.

It was fun, and yes, WE BOTH WORE COWBOY HATS!

And may they live happily ever after home on the range! Did you and Charlie have boots? Hope you got a picture of the two of you!
That's such a fun idea :) love fun weddings!!!!
Hi Mom,

I have some nice black leather ankle boots that I wore, but not cowboy boots. Charlie wore black sneakers.
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