Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Day 2086 - Please Pass the Razzleberry Dressing...

Greetings, Bloggy Razzlers and Dazzlers!

Do YOU know what Razzleberry Dressing is?

It's a reference to a Christmas treat in 'Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol', which is one of my favorite holiday cartoons.

If you haven't seen it, buy it or rent it - it is wonderful. The only bad part is a loud, garish 'Back to Broadway' number right at the very beginning.

Just fast forward through that part.

Yes, I'm already well into the holiday swing, and it isn't even Thanksgiving yet. I've already watched 'Home Alone', and have listened to Christmas music every day for over a week. I have had it on while I wrote the blog, as a matter of fact.

I'm hooked.... Are YOU?

No Christmas shows or music--I'm just trying to get ready for Thanksgiving, and surviving the crafts fairs. One more big one to go.

As part of my dear sister Peggy's campaign to immerse me in the community and prevent loafing, on Sunday I attended a 4 hour card making event (fundraiser at Veteran's Home) with Peggy and Martha-surrounded by card making veterans and here I was--never have done such a thing. It was fun but I only finished 3 of the 5 card patterns and took the materials home to make the 4th card after I get the adhesive, glue dots (!!) to do it. Karen who knows maybe a few years from now I'll be better at the FB crafts!

Voting today, playing pool with Mary Ann and other ladies tonight, followed by visit from nephew Alex to watch "Sons of Anarchy" (no TV at his mom's)-life in the big city!
Christmas is with us as we peruse the craft fairs, thinking of who needs (?) what! Nancy, your comment is just great, and you deserve a medal to get through the card making with 12 cards completed. I did this once before and Gil's first comment was "That's crooked". Well no time for perfectionism to get through all 5 cards, 4 of each, making 20!

Yes, Thanksgiving is on my mind and looking forward to seeing FAMILY! Can't wait!
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