Sunday, November 06, 2011


Day 2084 - How Did You Like That Extra Hour?

Greetings, Bloggy Daylight Standard Timers!

Well, my photo worked today, I guess it just wasn't meant to post yesterday. No, don't ask me why...

So - how did you like having an extra hour of sleep?

It will be lighter in the morning, but dark is going to be EARLY, EARLY, EARLY.

No chance of my getting home in daylight till next spring.... sigh... And No, the days don't start getting longer again till nearly CHRISTMAS...sigh...

The good news - SOMEONE (Heather) is going to see Les Miserables today! Have fun, Heather, wish I could go with you!

OMG thanks to the clock turn back, it's taking a YEAR for Les Mis time to come! I'm sooo anxious. I've been dressed and ready for an hour now, and still have another hour before we can leave. I'm going to die.....
Me too! I'm sure it was a wonderful performance!
I saw it several years ago--wonderful and sad at same time. Just read Heather's FB comments!
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