Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Day 2080 - A Scary Princess!

Greetings, Bloggy Costume Wearers-

Here is the picture of Savannah in her Halloween costume as a scary princess.

Of course she looks adorably scary.

Heather - did you dress up too?

Someone at my work was Woody from Toy Story, and his kids were other characters from the movie. I like that.

Have a nice midweek, I have had a cold and worked from home yesterday. I'll do that again today, as nobody wants me to come in and pass germs around to everyone else.

Go get some Halloween candy on clearance! I can't do it until I feel better.

Yes, Savi is adorable, not so scary!

Sorry about your cold! Rest and feel better!
She didn't go as a scary princess. She changed her mind and went as cinderella, though the look on that face was pretty scary!!! haha!
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