Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Day 2079 - Halloween Plus One!

Greetings, Bloggy Clearance Shoppers!

Better hit the stores today, Halloween candy is going to be half price!

I hope the Halloween pretzels go on clearance too. If your child has brought home a ton of candy, do you bring any of it to work?

We consume a lot of goodies at work, especially on more stressful days. Do they have a lot of treats at your work too? I know they do at schools and doctors offices, parents and patients are always bringing stuff in to share.

I get a lot of visitors in my cube that way - they come to say hello, but they also know I have FOOD. Just call me the 'Munchie Mamma'.

Look at that little farmer girl out in the pumpkin patch!

Yes, we have too much left-over candy! We had 9 children, 6 from the neighborhood, and 3 children belonging to Jara and Sean-- Nadja, Caden, and Reagan. Jara is a grand niece, so her little ones must be great-grand nieces, right?
Whoops, 2 great-grand nieces and one great-grant nephew!
i'm throwing away my candy if I can't give it away.

I am so confused about great or grand niece; I always use great niece since (I thought) I'm their great aunt. From the web:

"Grand niece is the daughter of your niece or nephew. Great niece or great grand niece is the grandaughter of your niece or nephew. Just as in grandmother and great grandmother.
Actually, Miriam Webster Dictionary and Wikipedia (both online sources) say they're the same. "
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