Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Day 2107 - Christmas Prep... or NOT!

Greetings, Bloggy Christmas Trimmers!

Here's a photo of my son in Maine with makeshift snow boots on (also known as plastic grocery bags).

I really wanted to get the tree up this past weekend, and Charlie set it up Sunday night. Thank you, Charlie!

Of course, I haven't put ANYTHING on it. Maybe I'll be motivated tonight to get the lights on... I always put the lights on first, and they are the most difficult part of the decorating process because I like to nest them deeply within the branches.

It's all downhill from there!

Several YEARS ago I bought a bunch of artificial greenery with a nice, red bow that comes with it. It's a mailbox decorating thing I think.

Do you think that THIS year I might actually put it ON the mailbox?

Only time will tell, but I doubt it.

Karen, thankful for hint last Thurs about plastic for boots--Eric had no shoes on Thurs due to a deposit made early Thurs a.m. in one of his shoes by a very drunk person (not Eric or fam)--so Eric enjoyed Liam and Alyssa's first snow outside with the plastic bag booties.

I just won TWO decorated trees, and Mary Ann one, at the Chamber of Commerce Festival of Trees--we bought tickets and put them in slots for trees we wanted. I am taking the gorgeous gold decked Oxford Casino tree, which includes a $250 gift certificate for brunch at Dockside, Poland Springs-- I am giving the second (Servicemaster tree -forget how it was decorated but know it was pretty)-to brother Doug--hope he'll take my tree home for me in exchange!
Mary Ann won the Hannaford tree but we don't know if any gift is attached. (The WalMart tree had over $200 of gift certificates (not just WalMart) attached!) I put tickets on about 7 trees but my favorite was the Oxford Casino. I think I used about 10 tix for it ($10)

I only planned to have a "boxwood" table tree this year, not a larger tree--so now have a fancy albeit artificial tree (my first!) It's a bit less than 6 ft so good fit (my ceiling is only 7 ft).
For Savi's calendar: According to internet, First Day of Advent/Christian for 2011 was Sunday, Nov. 27
really? I thought the Advents were Dec 1st thru Xmas! Guess we better get started!!!
Nancy looked up the Advent date, and the reason it works is that Sundays are not included! How are you going to get Savi not to open a little window on Sundays?

Evan and Eric with booties--how cute!
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