Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Day 2072 - That's Why The Donkey Is A Tramp...

Greetings, Bloggy Mule Dayers!

Do you remember that we had a stray donkey for a while?

See the bloggy archives for more details. It might help to remind you that he would do just about anything for a bucket of corn.

Anyway - long story short - the donkey was adopted by a woman I work with. She named him Tom, which is short for 'Peeping Tom' when he got loose and brayed in her window!

She told a new story about him yesterday. Evidently Tom has learned to sneak out of his enclosure overnight to eat the shell corn that is being left out for the deer each evening. A trail camera was set out to capture pictures of the deer.

Tom has been sneaking out, eating the corn, and returning where he belonged by morning. However, since they had a trail camera taking pictures, ALL THE PICTURES were of the donkey, NO DEER. If there hadn't been a camera, he wouldn't have been caught.

He's so smart! Go, Tom! Eat that corn!

Funny story! What a donkey Tom!
He's awesome!! Love it!
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