Thursday, October 20, 2011


Day 2067 - Contestant Extraordinaire!

Greetings, Bloggy Bakers and Carvers!

I am entering the apple pie contest at work - I need to bring in my pie TOMORROW MORNING.

That means I need to get as much ready tonight as possible. Yesterday I picked up the apples, and also bought fresh flour and shortening for the piecrust.

It has been YEARS since I made a pie, but I figure it's like riding a bicycle - once you know how, YOU KNOW HOW for life. I used to make pies all the time.

My mother is really the queen of pie baking, but I feel confident that my submission will be acceptable.

And guess what? Yesterday at work we got an email that it is PUMPKIN CARVING contest time again! I won last year.

So... is it even conceivable to win both? I dunno, but I'm gonna try!

Yes you can win both! Rooting for you!
Woohoo Mamma! Kick butt! Hope you DO win both! I'm sure you can. You rock.
Yes, you can win both, I'm sure! I know your apple pie will be delicious and the hit of the office! You have always been a fabulous cook! Maybe they'll have a jams and jelly contest some time. You'll win that--we can all attest to your prowess in that regard!
Thanks everyone! Fingers crossed!
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