Thursday, October 06, 2011


Day 2053 - A Pie in Time Saves Nine...

Greetings, Bloggy Pie-In-The-Skies!

Here's a cute picture of Savannah picking apples, which is perfect for my discussion today.

I am trying to decide whether to enter an apple pie contest at work, and I need your opinion.

The motivation to enter is that the winner gets $500 donated to the charity of their choice, and that would be a wonderful thing.

The bad part is that I would need to make the pie at the crack of dawn, because I go into work for 7am and I want it to be fresh.

I doubt that many people of working age know how to make REAL piecrust out of flour and shortening. I think the crust is super important for a winning pie.

However, writing this, I realized I could even make a deep dish apple pie with a bottom crust and streusel topping like apple crisp. That would also be awesome.

What do YOU think? Enter the contest or get more sleep?

Enter the contest! You get up at oh dark thirty anyway ;)
If it were me, I'd choose sleep. But Joe is right. You wake up early anyway, so go for it!!!! I think you'd win! :)
Yes, get up early and go into work a little later. I definitely think you could win!

Waiting eagerly for my company tomorrow!
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