Sunday, October 02, 2011


Day 2049 - Sunday, Horns and Halos...

Greetings, Blogregation-

Here's an adorable picture of baby Savi on her first Halloween.

We were supposed to have had a FROST overnight, with temps in the 30's. What a cold snap for Tennessee!

I overheard a cute comment yesterday at the health club that I want to pass along.

Two girls were talking about their favorite subject - relationships. One girl quipped 'When my horns come out, they just help hold my HALO on tighter!'

I thought that was really funny! Have a nice Sunday!

awww. My baby is so big now!!! :( Im sure she will be a princess of some sort this year. She is all about princesses. (as if everyone in the world didn't already know that) Taking an old friend out for breakfast this morning, then hanging around since Mike's truck crapped out today and he'll need rides around later after work. blah. Always something!!
Spent another 3 hours today at Monkey Joes! Jeez Savi loves that place so much. It's pretty awesome cuz she makes new friends every time (brushing up on her social skills) and the bounce houses all have different obstacles to go through. One is similar to a rock wall, all have fairly large 'ladders' inside to climb...its great exercise! Wish they had an annual pass :)
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