Saturday, October 01, 2011


Day 2048 - Sips, Strokes, and Pumpkins!

Greetings, Bloggy Octoberfests!

Here's a photo of Punkin Time with our little Punkin Savannah.
It's October already - where did this YEAR go?

Aunt Nancy had asked on Facebook what 'Sips N Strokes' is all about. Sips and Strokes is a place where you go with some friends, bring your favorite beverage (not necessarily alcoholic), and an artist walks you through painting a picture that they have chosen in advance.

You sit at long tables with your own canvas, and over the course of an hour or two you follow the instructors painting, and do the best you can!

Personally, I stink at painting! My lines weren't crisp. I dropped my paintbrush on my palette. I picked up my brush (that had paint all over it) with my HAND instead of a paper towel. I did feel the urge to cut off my ear though...

That's really cool!!! So I'm guessing that lots of people go there with a bottle of booze and drunk paint all day? Sounds like a blast!!! haha!!
You and Van Gogh!
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