Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Day 2045 - Go Away, You Brut!

Greetings, Bloggy Aromatics-

If there's one thing that makes me ill, it is the smell of strong cologne or perfume.

I dated someone once (many years ago), and after he visited I could still smell his cologne on the back of the sofa. EEEEEEW! (no, he didn't last long)

Charlie used to wear 'Canoe' sometimes, but stopped wearing it because I preferred just the smell of soap to ANY kind of cologne or aftershave.

The other day at work, someone came back at lunchtime from the gym with a fresh application of Brut cologne. At least 4 people in the vicinity (me included) were absolutely poisoned by the smell of it.

Word to both men and women - if you must use cologne or perfume, PLEASE use it very sparingly. Thanks in advance!

This is my second try--my first comments didn't post and sent me out of the blog. Drat!

Anyway what I said was I'm the same way regarding aftershave lotions, the worst are Brut and English Leather. Gil uses Old Spice Classic, but sparingly and that's OK. I also don't care for ladies' perfume and rarely use any.

I missed the blog yesterday but found it very interesting to read just now. Yes, Nature including the human body is truly amazing!
I don't mind men's stinky stuff, but absolutely HATE women's perfume. Its always too strong and gives me a headache. There are a couple scents that I can tolerate in small doses, but only a couple...

Had a nice dinner tonight with Lyn and family at the Big Cheese. I'm stuffed and ready for bed. Grammy, was thinking about inviting Evan for next weekend. Would that be ok?
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