Sunday, September 25, 2011


Day 2042 - Evil Junk Mail...

Greetings, Blogregation!

We all get junk mail, a precursor to email SPAM. Grrrr...

In addition to BILLS, we get various promotions and offers.

They could be credit card offers, timeshare resale ads, car ads, and bank promotions.

Lately I've had TWO recent rounds of junk mail that is made to look like something is EXPIRING that needs to be renewed.

I've had multiple mailings that told me my car warranty was going to expire. It wasn't.

I've had multiple mailings that the freezer warranty about to expire. It wasn't.

BOTH are trying to SELL me something, not renew something I already have.

Buyer beware!

Poor doody!
I hate junk mail. It doesn't even make it into the house, usually. I have a pile in a little coatroom type thing between my front door and living room. When it gets big enough, I toss it. Junk junk junk.
Today Savi and I took the puppy to Jamestown to search the beach for glass. Savi and Halfie played in the water while I collected two huge pocketfuls of glass! Then we dropped off the pup and went to see The Lion King! Savi loved seeing it in the theater! Now its bath and bed time. Busy fun day. Oh, and I'm FINALLY feeling better! Yay!!
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