Saturday, September 24, 2011


Day 2041 - An APP(lication) a Day Keeps The Doctor Away!

Greetings, Bloggy Smart Phoners!

Instead of going to the library or the zoo or the movies on weekends, kids are asking their parents 'Can we download some APPs this weekend?'

It's a bonding experience.

Parents surf the net with their kids for free apps, then they download them, and try them out. My manager mentioned that he and his son like to do that on 'daddy days'.

A colleague at work mentioned yesterday that his daughter just got a 'cupcake app' and a 'pizza maker app'.

That is hilarious to me, because those are just the kinds of things we USED to buy via sticker books or colorforms.

Kids go everywhere with expensive iPads instead of coloring books, and they know how to use them too!

Simply amazing...

I took Savi to Monkey Joe's today. There was a constant line of children waiting to get into the grown up area to play games on the computer! This is an indoor bounce house park and they wanted the COMPUTER?! Crazy.
Hope you're feeling better, Heather! xxx
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