Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Day 2037 - UNsupervised is UNbelievable...

Greetings, Bloggy Supervisors!

I have no problem with children learning how to swim and passing a swimming test so that they can be in the pool without their parent in there with them.

I DO HAVE A PROBLEM with a parent bringing FIVE kids (four pre-teen girls and a younger boy) to the pool and LEAVING THEM THERE FOR AN HOUR FOR ME TO TOLERATE WHILE DAD GOES TO THE GYM and there was NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY.

They were 'somewhat' behaved, but they were unsupervised kids!

They took out all sorts of equipment which they used for floatation toys, not exercise tools, they shrieked and screamed jumped and splashed around us.

They pretended the younger boy had cooties and was a shark, and basically took over the whole pool as well as the hot tub while Charlie and I were trying to have a peaceful exercise session.

Just because I'm a parent - I worried the whole time that one of them would get hurt!

Come ON, folks - BE THERE for your children!

Jerks. It's amazing what people consider acceptable! I would NEVER leave Savi anywhere and expect someone else to look after her! People are just rude.
I realized I haven't read the blog since Sat--too busy.

Tonight we are sad because my older sister, Natalie, passed away today at age 89, after 5 yrs. in a nursing home during which her favorite activity was watching Andy Griffith re-runs. God be wtih you, Natalie--you will stay in our hearts with love always.
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