Saturday, September 17, 2011


Day 2034 - A What? When? Where?

Greetings, Bloggy Rainbow Connections!

You are NOT going to believe this (or maybe you are), but there was a HUGE rainbow that kept me company all the way to work YESTERDAY MORNING AT 6:30AM!

I have never seen a rainbow at sunrise. I still can't believe it. I phoned Charlie and he went outside to take this picture. Thanks, Charlie!

That is OUR mailbox - one end of the rainbow was right outside the house, and the other end was MILES and MILES away.

When the sun finally came out the rainbow disappeared.

That's a pretty nice start to the morning if you ask me!

Amazing picture, Charlie! And amazing to see a morning rainbow!
Beautiful Mamma! Savi had her first dance class today. Parents aren't allowed in this class. She's too BIG for that now :( She loved it though. She went apple picking with Jen after class while I got my hair done. Tomorrow we see Disney Princess on Ice!
Have fun, Heather and Savi! xxx
Thanks for sharing the rainbow photo. Connie
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