Thursday, September 15, 2011


Day 2032 - A new season of Survivor!

Greetings, Bloggy Cast Members!

Can you believe that a new season of Survivor started last night?

I still can't get used to Survivor being on Wednesdays. I liked Thursday better.

Anyway - this season has a few celebs in the mix including Coach (who I can't stand) and Brandon, the nephew of the infamous RUSSELL. (Any Survivor fan knows who Russell is - need I say more?)

He looks a lot like Russell too... Coach looks like his same annoying, egotistical self.

We have a DVR this year because we got a cable bundle with cable telephone, internet and a DVR, and I really like to be able to rewind and rewatch.

Have a nice day on YOUR island, wherever it may be!

I just wrote a comment but forgot to send it. Drat! I said we don't watch Survivor, and what a beautiful photo of Savannah at the butterfly gardens (blog Sept 12)!

I'll try again to post this.
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