Friday, September 02, 2011


Day 2019 - DON'T Change Your Mind Out Loud!

Greetings, Bloggy Indecisioners!

The other morning we went out for breakfast at a place that offers giant popovers for breakfast.

They were out of the popovers, which completely threw us into ordering mayhem. My mother exclaimed, horrified, 'They're GONE? You don't have even ONE?' She even pointed out the person in the room who appeared to have received the LAST POPOVER.

We had a friendly-but-young 14 year old waiter, the son of one of the waitresses. He must not be used to all the hemming and hawing that goes on when something is NOT available.

When I ordered, I said I was waffling in my decision of what to order. He answered 'A Belgian Waffle?', and started writing it down! Ha! To make him feel better, I said, 'And don't bring me any popovers!' He very seriously said he wouldn't.

Breakfast took so long that a new batch of popovers were ready by the time we left. I got one to go. The same waiter said 'I thought you didn't want any popovers?'

He'll catch up someday...

Funny blog, Karen! I was only upset because I wanted YOU to have a popover. We go there once a week with Joe and Peg before grocery shopping.

We're celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary tomorrow. Yay!
Happy Anniversary Mom!
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