Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Day 2010 - Spinning Wheel, Got to Go Round...

Greetings, Bloggy Spinners!

I really don't spin around very often - it makes me dizzy. If I do circular motions during water aerobics, that's fine, but not if I get dizzy.

Dizziness is NOT the subject of this blog.

There are some things that are off limits for bloggage, but not the fact that I like to vault or leap or jump or crash into bed at night.

Invariably it makes Charlie laugh. I don't EVEN want to know what I look like when I do this, but I keep doing it.

Lately, I spin my arms around like a windmill and THEN vault into bed. Charlie now refers to me as 'Windmill Girl'.

I'm so proud. The end.

That's my daughter, vaulting and spinning into bed. I'm sure Charlie is entertained!

Tommorrow is almost here, so see you soon! We hope Irene will not visit our FB Reunion!

No we didn't feel the earthquake here but they did in Auburn, saying it felt like a heavy truck going by outside one of the Diners.
That is the greatest, Mamma! You kill me.

I'm so tired lately from the new job. I love it, but it's torture!!! I don't have a desk so I stand the whole time...and if i'm not just standing, I'm running around bringing patients in, and then I'm pulling heavy charts out of a way too tight filing cabinet and cramming them back in. My feet, legs, arms and back are beat. I feel wimpy. haha!
Poor baby girl! That is ONE reason why WORK is a 4-letter word.

Hopefully the Hurricane will be the wimpy one.

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