Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Day 2009 - Happy Daze...

Greetings, Bloggy D.A. Wearers!

Yet another story from the fair- and again about the boys on the porch. Two of the boys had purchased 'Fonzie style' switchblade combs.

They took turns saying 'Aaaaaayyyyy' like the Fonz, and combing their hair.

Their younger brother was absent during most of their antics, then appeared just in time for them to start teasing him.

Younger brother had gone to the bee exhibit hosted by Charlies bee club.

He had spent his own money on a soap-bar-sized piece of real honeycomb (filled with honey), and was anxious to try it but he had no utensil to eat it with!

While his older brothers teased him about his purchase, he was sticking his finger into it and also trying to get enough honey flow going to drip a little of it into the corner of the package.

Fascinating, doncha think?

Yum! Honey from a real honeycomb! Wish we had that at our Fairs. We do have vanilla ice cream with maple syrup!
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