Sunday, August 21, 2011


Day 2007 - Fun at the Fair...

Greetings, Bloggy Fair Folk!

Charlie and I went to the Wilson County Fair yesterday. The Wilson County Fair is an AWESOME fair, one of the best in the country. Yesterday was the last day for this year.

We did something new this year - we paid a whopping $5 to park in their 'preferred parking' area, right near the entrance. That was AWESOME.

We met up with Buddy Joe and his family, and walked around, and saw exhibits. Charlie saw the mules pulling, and later he sat through a 'worm lecture' while I rocked on the porch.

It was about 96 degrees, but I did wear my sunproof LL Bean floppy hat. It might not look very attractive, but it worked.

We dined on 'walkaway tacos' - fritos bags with chili, cheese, lettuce and sour cream inside them. Then we had ice cream. Then we had fried pickles (I love those). Then we needed to wrap it up and head home.

Thanks to Buddy Joe for the tickets - we had a great time.

WOW! You WEREN'T cheap yesterday, huh? 5 bucks to park! You go Mamma! Teehee...
Mike, Savi and I went to the Washington County Fair. We hadn't been there since Savi was in my BELLY!! It was nice. Savi had a great time (as she always seems to no matter WHAT we do). The animals were cute and she loved all the rides. Today we spent THREE hours at Monkey Joe's. She wanted to stay longer, but we had to run errands too...Now she's appropriately passed out cold. HA!
Wow! Sounds like a great weekend. Got BBQ chicken cooking in the oven, and looking forward to 'True Blood'.
A busy night--Mary Ann planned an evening to remember Ray on the day that would have been his 69th birthday. So friends and family--about 20-25 people walked up to the mine at 7 o'clock where we stood around telling stories of Ray--all humorous stuff. It was really good to laught together as we remember Ray. Some tears too!

The Fair sounded good, Karen, and a great day for Heather, Mike and Savi, too! See you soon, Karen!
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