Saturday, August 20, 2011


Day 2006 - I'm Too Cheap - Part Too!

Greetings, Bloggy Cheapskates!

Buddy Joe reminded me of an incident in New Orleans when we were vacationing there.

Joe, Charlie and I headed out one morning to find eggs. We went into a local convenience store first. It was INconvenient, because their eggs were sold in half dozen packages, and were horrifically overpriced as well.

I couldn't 'stomach' the price, and even after Joe offered to PAY for them HIMSELF, I wasn't satisfied. I wanted to go to a nearby (kind of) A&P grocery, but we didn't know exactly where it was.

While wandering around in search of the grocery store, yours truly stepped off a curb wrong, tripped, fell, and landed on the uneven cobblestones on my right knee, also skinning my hands in the process. I was black and blue and swollen for a long time. After the bruises and swelling went away, my knee hurt for MONTHS afterward.

Joe remembers thinking to himself 'This vacation is OVER' at the time, but we managed to have a good trip anyway. I think I was a pretty good sport despite being crippled for the remainder of the trip.

By the way, it cost more money for bandages and ointment than the eggs would have cost in the expensive convenience store... But did that cure my cheapness?

Nope. But I need to state for the record that Buddy Joe is even cheaper than ME.

Oh, that's too bad, that hurt just to read about it. I fell the other day at the church, tripped over a pew. I guess God saved me from serious injury!
Oh my, Karen! Hindsight is always 20/20! Marcia, so glad you were not seriously injured--you had enough of that when you injured your ankle/foot! Do you remember my story of walking during lunch hour off Elmwood Ave gazing at the October sky and leaves, when I fell flat on my face on some uneven sidewalk. My glasses with "unscratchable" lens were indeed scratched, plus my knees and palms of my hands were bloody. I said to Lyn later that I was going back to Sears and complain that the lens did scratch, and she said I should wait until my face healed (also nose was scraped)! She thought it showed, at least, that my bones were pretty strong!

Welcome home, Savi! Did you have a good time?
Hi everyone! Mamma, that was a painful story!!
Yes, Savi had a great time. Her first words when she got home last night? "Can I hold my Snake??". Ugh. Yup, didn't even miss us. Just missed the snake. haha! I told her how sad I'd been while she was gone and she kept patting me saying, "I'm home now, Mamma." It was cute. She was still saying it today!

Mike and I took her to the Washington County Fair today. She had a great time petting the farm animals and riding all the rides. Tomorrow we will go to Monkey Joes for a while as it is supposed to rain.
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