Friday, August 19, 2011


Day 2005 - Dollars and NO Sense!!!

Greetings, Bloggy Cheapskates!

I go to ridiculous lengths sometimes to save a dollar.

Or less than a dollar.

Do you do that - just refuse to pay for something because you know you can get it for less elsewhere?

I am embarrassed to say that yesterday I refused to get my gas at Sams Club because I knew that our local gas station's price was THREE CENTS A GALLON LESS.

It was storming on my way home, so I stood at the gas pump, saving my THREE CENTS A GALLON, getting spit on by the rain.

Serves me right.

That's hilarious, Karen! As Savi would say, "Ha--Ha---Ha! We've all done the same thing and lived to regret it!

Aunt Nancy is getting moved in and by next Fri. should have her beds for her room and the guest room. Living room sofa and chair will take longer as it was ordered in "Sand", not what was available right off the floor. Gil has done a wonderful job getting everything painted, and the original birch floor in the living room refinished, and new capet runners down to the basement.
And let's not forget the eggs in New Orleans leading to the knee injury :-)
I'll have to tell you all my cell phone story sometime. I now have a cell phone, and I'll tell you the number soon. Our joint phone is off right now but will be back on soon, I changed my mind about that and had it turned on again. I don't feel safe without a land line. That's a good topic for blog discussion.
Yes Gil has been unbelievable. I am so grateful for everything he has done to make the house comfortable not to mention helping me with boxes and hanging curtains. Peggy has been a huge help too, helping with the house and unpacking, shopping, taking me to appointments. I haven't moved in yet, and am suffering at their house--homemade chocolate chip and molasses cookies, grape nut pie, meals on the patio in wonderful weather with wonderful company.
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