Thursday, August 18, 2011


Day 2004 - Now I'm a Believer Too...

Greetings, Bloggy Believers!

I recently purchased some Hanes 360 degree stretch foundation garments that had a special, encouraging card inside the package.

The card read (excerpted) 'Believe It! This WILL fit you! Yes, it is small but trust us, it will stretch to fit you.'

I imagine the card was needed because so many customers RETURNED them, thinking they would not fit. And I should say that I hope ALL sizes contain that card, not just MY size. Ha!

That reminds me of the old Romper Room song 'Bend and stretch, reach for the stars, there goes Jupiter, here comes Mars. Bend and stretch, reach for the sky, stand on tippy toes Oh, so high'

Remember?? TTFN!

I want to get some of those! It would be encouraging to ME to see underwear that doesn't look like it will fit three of me. Kind of depressing when i pull those monstrosities out of the drawer, and they DO FIT!!!!! haha!

Last night of my Savi being away in NH. She's been having a great time but I have been MISERABLE. Four days was way too much for my first time away from her. She's handling it well. Not so much for Mamma. :(
Karen, did they fit?

Heather, one more night and your little darling will be back in your arms! The trials of motherhood!
Good for Savi! What a big girl! xxxx
Oh - Yes they fit, Mom!
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