Sunday, August 14, 2011


Day 2000 - It's Blog2K!!!!

Well, how about THIS, blogregation?

It's Day 2000 of the blog!

That's pretty blog-worthy, isn't it? Two THOUSAND days since I started the blog, and nearly two THOUSAND postings.

Let the pigeons loose, strike up the band, and there will be fireworks later, I'm sure.

Do you like the '2000 Celebration Barbie' photo? Seemed to fit.

Do you think the blog will make another THOUSAND days? That's nearly three years. Maybe we can get some Vegas-style odds on the likelihood.

In the meantime - celebrate Blog2k today!

Aww, happy 2000 blog! Yes, I believe you will keep it up another 1000+!! (at least we all HOPE you will!!)
I'm impressed! Is there a blog Hall of Fame?
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