Saturday, August 06, 2011


Day 1992 - I'm looking through you... where did you go?

Greetings, Bloggy Weekenders!

I am safe and sound in the 'land of the clam', Rhode Island. The family has gathered for a special weekend which will include a big cookout later today.

Yes, I ate clams yesterday - littlenecks cooked in garlic, olive oil and red pepper flakes. Incredible. I had the obligatory Dunkin Donuts iced coffee too, as well as an Italian style spinach pie. Can you tell that travel home for me is hazardous to my waistline?

I have a story or two to tell about my plane flight yesterday.

I was randomly chosen for the full body x-ray machine at the airport - what fun! I had to put my hands on top of my head and put my feet on the footprint markers while the machine did it's thing. No worries, right?

Well, the TSA agent said 'You've got something in your pocket that the scanner is picking up'. I corrected her and said 'No, actually I have nothing in my pockets, but I have a bandaid on my BUTT!' I must have made a funny face about that, because the agent laughed out loud! The x-ray machine had looked THROUGH me, and the image implied that the bandaid was actually something in my pocket! Once the agent confirmed that yes, I did have a bandaid there (by touching the edge of it through my slacks), then I was free to go.

Last story - I am old enough to require reading glasses when reading in dim light. I am reading my George R.R. Martin 'Dance with Dragons' book, which I've waited five years to be published. I am savoring every line.

I had a window seat. My glasses fell off my head, and got stuck in between the side of the plane and my seat where I couldn't get to them! Oh CRAP! How am I going to enjoy my BOOK when I can't bloody well SEE?? I tried reaching down the side and my arm almost got stuck there. Ouch.

I stood up (to the chagrin of the two people sitting next to me) and tried to see if there was another angle to reach them. No go.

I considered ringing for the flight attendant and asking for a hanger. I thought that was too wimpy and needy.

I ended up making a tool from the heavy cardboard safety instructions, and knocking them to the floor behind my seat. Unfortunately, then I had to wake up the girl behind me (it was an early morning flight) so she could reach them.

The man sitting beside her teased me saying 'Can't read very well from down there?' Very funny, bud-ro!

Have a great day, I know I will!

Well, that was a drag for you on the plane! I hate it when something falls when you're in the driver's seat in the car, and it goes into the crack between the seat and the middle thing. Very narrow.
Ha, funny about the bandaid on your bottom. Boy that scanner doesn't miss a trick. Nice of the TSA person to verify the bandaid... so if you just said, it's a bandaid and they didn't feel it to verify... would you have been a sercurity risk??? Really???? I feel much safer getting on a plane now. (Smile)
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