Thursday, August 04, 2011


Day 1990 - Mini Vac...( a.k.a. Mini Vacation)

Greetings, Bloggy Waiting for the Weekenders!

Tomorrow at this time I will be at the airport, on my way to Little Rhody for a get together with 'The Fam'. That is Rhode Island, if you didn't know already.

That means that TODAY I will feel like it's Friday all day! I love that ol' Friday feeling, silly as that may sound.

I do my flight checkin before getting to work. I have already put reminders in my calendar at work to set my Out of Office message, do my timesheet, etc.

I am partially packed, have notes and reminders everywhere about what to bring, and tonight I'll wrap it UP and GO, GO, Gadget!

And yes, there will be bloggage in the morning, just in case you were worried...

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