Friday, July 29, 2011


Day 1984 - Lack O Wisdom...

Greetings, Bloggy Wisdom Seekers!

Well, guess what?

I'm talking about my wisdom TEETH, not acquiring more wisdom...

If I haven't mentioned it before - I am over half a century old (no snide comments) and until recently still had ALL of my wisdom teeth.

One at a time, about once a quarter, I have donated a wisdom tooth to the trash bin, with the help of my dentist. I had one of them done yesterday, and I have ONE little 'ol wisdom tooth to go.

Every dentist I've ever had has said 'If you ever get a cavity back there, I can't fill it', but my very nice and efficient dentist recommended my wisdom teeth come out once and for all. I don't need them, and they would only have become a nuisance over time.

The good news? None are impacted, so aside from the time involved, I have not had any trouble so far with their removal.

Another name for this blog might be 'A Yank in Time Saves Nine'. Ha!

I still have my wisdom teeth. Only 3 ever grew in though. There isnt even an evidence of a 4th under the skin in xrays! So for some reason, I only got 3. Woohoo! Someday they will come out.
You are losing your wisdom teeth but not your wisdom! Isn't that great?

Hey, it's Friday. Have a good weekend everyone!

Heather, hope you have good news about your job interview!
Got the job today! Starts Monday. Crummy timing as I was HOPING to spend the week with the family, but will have to take what I can get now...weekends and nights only. Oh well. Happy to be back among the employed!
I'm back, with wisdom if not the teeth! Congrats on new job, Heather! And so sad about your treasured pet.

So this is my last day of work. Had my last bus ride to the office, and at Peet's coffee I was actually teary eyed saying goodby to the staff. The manager gave me a coupon for a pound of coffee.

I'll be here till late tonight throwing away stuff and getting files ready to turn over. Also organizing personal files for office to ship to me in Maine and some to bring in my luggage.

Tequila party for me at 5PM(a Friday night tradition about once a month in one of the attorney offices) so that should help in the throwing away process.

As of tonight, bed is gone (most stuff was taken by movers on Wed.) so I'll be on mats for 4 nights (I declined all invites to stay elsewhere).

Weekend will be more goodby food gatherings. Saturday in wine country, Sunday visits with two sets of friends.

Monday,Salvation Army taking rest of my stuff (not much), and friends and I will ship my new IMacand printer, plus TV and DVD player via UPS (one block down the street), pack and ship stuff to Eric that was in storage, send stuff to myself, and take remainder to Goodwill. Tues I'll pack suitcases (only 2, plus 1 carry-on)- will try to get a walk in to the Golden Gate Bridge. 10:50pm red eye to Boston, bus to Maine.

The 2200 pounds the movers picked up on Wednesday arrives in Portland next Monday and on to 7 Turner Lane on Thursday. Most likely will sit in garage, as going to Prov on Fri. to see sweet William and everyone else! You can see how exhausted I'll be by then! But it will be great to see everyone.
Heather - I'm just thrilled that you got the job!! I'll ask Steve or Cheryl to get me at the airport.

I'm really getting excited about your move, Nancy - Goodbye West Coast, Hello Nor'Easterners!

Oh CRAP! I didn't even THINK of that Mom! I should have made sure to get that day off....duh.
No worries!! I mean that!! xxxxx
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