Monday, July 25, 2011


Day 1980 - Monday, Monday...

Greetings, Monday Morning Blah-gers!

Today's blog is about SPAM.

No, not the food product, though I do like fried Spam 'n Eggs, and I did compete once in a Spam eating contest.

I hate SPAM - be it unwanted or annoying emails, or phone messages, even junk mail is in the SPAM category.

I got my first SPAM text message on my cell phone yesterday, and Charlie got one at the same time.

So, where did the spammers get our phone numbers, anyway?

Have a nice Monday, everyone, and keep your spams to yourself!

I got a spam call at 3:15 AM in the morning recently, and when I got up and answered it, it just beeped and hung up. No way to trace the number, it was an unlisted number.
We can all agree that we hate spam (not the food varienty)! I used to check out the listings under the spam heading to see if something I wanted had been sent there by mistake, but now I don't even do that.

We had a good gathering today of the Goodwill Fellowship. Gil was pretty awesome grilling the hamburgs and hot dogs for 15 or 16 people. I made potato salad and others brought 2 other salads and dessert. Good fellowship!

Good to hear from you, too, Marcia!
Lovely monday. Our Mastiff has been sick so today we finally gave in and took him to the vet. We'd been HOPING that his 'illness' was due to the heat wave. No such luck. He's staying overnight and will most likely need surgery. They think he has a spleen torsion...ouch. We will see by morning what will happen. :(
I'm sorry to hear that, Heather! xxx
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