Friday, July 22, 2011


Day 1977 - Friday, Hooray!

Greetings, Bloggy Stoners!

It's Friday, Hooray!

You know what to do - march in a circle chanting 'Fri-day! Sto-ners! Fri-day! Sto-ners!'

Not really...

It's just that I have found my ideal retirement home. Low maintenance and solid as a rock! Uh... it IS a rock.

Supposedly this is a real house in Portugal. Maybe it's a trick, but I want one!

In my warped mind, it looks a little like a rabbit (head is on the rightmost end) nibbling the grass. Can you see it too, or am I in need of therapy?

TTFN and have a WONDERFUL weekend!

Hey, I didn't notice til today that the name of your blog has changed. Congratulations!
Whoever lives there needs the therapy!

I'm meeting 2 friends at Cafe Nomad for coffee this morning. We've been trying to arrange this for at least 4 mos--we must be too busy or somethng!
Karen, re "Can you see it too, or am I in need of therapy?"
Yes to both.

If you wondered where I was the last few days, I was out last Fri and Mon thru Wed this week getting ready for the movers. Everything went out on Wed to the warehouse where it will be shipped by some unknown (at least now) carrier.

Last night was wonderful pizza with baseball season ticket holders (known them since 2001 when new ballpark built) -they bought me a beautiful siver Giants World Series Champions pendant, and orange "panda" mitts! Will be great for cold Maine weather.

Tonight is dinner with my office collleagues, and tomorrow last hair and nail appointments in SF (I've used same stylist since early 90's) and friends coming down from Sacramento to take me to dinner. More events scheduled or being scheduled for next week and weekend. Love the attention, not to mention free meals!
Hey - Nobody called me out on my typo? You are too nice!

It's supposed to be 'It's just that I have found'...instead of 'I've just that I have found'

UGH! SORRY, I'll fix it.
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