Thursday, July 21, 2011


Day 1976 - What's the Weather in YOUR Office?

Greetings, Bloggy Storm Chasers!

I need a full time Meteorologist to predict the weather in my CUBE each day.

What is the weather (indoors) where YOU work?

Different areas of the building have completely different climates. Head to my side of the building, and the hangers on the cube walls have blankets, snuggies, and fleece. I keep a thermometer in my cube, and sometimes it doesn't make it to 70.

I keep a sweatshirt, cardigan, and blanket in my cube at all times.

In another part of the building, office workers are in tank tops, skirts and sandals, and they're still roasting. You can even change climates in just a few steps, going from boiling hot offices to freezing cold rest rooms. (Yes, have a seat. BRRR!)

The widest weather mood swing I've seen was when the A/C was broken, and then repaired. One cube went from 84 degrees down to 67 in a very short time. I wonder if that's a weather record.


I don't envy anyone working indoors or out! I remember having to go home from work once because the A/C was so cold--I was frozen! I saw on the news at midday that Nashville was 102 degrees--ouch! We've crested over 90 with a breeze. We have one air conditioner in the living room, so that room is 70, and I will turn it off when I'm in there watching the news tonight!
I hate to be frozen at work!! Its been terribly hot here too. Even though I've been battling an intense fibro flair up for a week now, I am heading to the beach with Savi tomorrow. It will be too hot to function otherwise!!!
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