Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Day 1975 - Oh, Deer, What Can the Matter Be?

Greetings, Bloggy Bucks and Does!

Yesterday morning, Charlie looked out the window when we got up.

Surprise, surprise, there was a young deer right outside the window! We watched it for a while, and it just made the day start out on a special note.

It didn't seem afraid at all. The deer walked around the back yard, nibbling on whatever looked interesting.

The best part was when it stopped and tried to make friends with Charlies fake deer archery target. It was hilarious! He frisked around and wanted to play, as it was just a youngster and didn't know any better.

I imagine it was thinking 'What a stuck up girl, she won't even play with me'.

The moral of the story is - don't try to bond with 'artificial' friends!

Kelly said that there's a fox that is pretty tame around him, lets him talk to it and everything. And Kelly had birds nesting on the front stoop, and he would make a certain sound when he went out there, so they would know it was him, and they would just look at him. Yesterday they flew away, they're gone now.
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