Saturday, July 16, 2011


Day 1971 - Mersey, Mersey Me!

Greetings, Bloggy Mersey Ferryers!

If you read yesterday's 'British Invasion' blog, you might remember the song 'Ferry Cross the Mersey'.

I believe yesterday I said 'Across', but Wikipedia says it's just CROSS. That's funny, because the LINK says 'across'!

There were also two British bands named 'The Merseys' and 'The Merseybeats'.

So - inquiring minds want to know...What was the deal about the Mersey?

Crossing the Mersey on the Mersey ferry is a way to get to LIVERPOOL, and we all recognize Liverpool, home of the Beatles!

So...Now you know the REST of the story! Have a great Saturday.

Regarding yesterday's blog, I now know that sister-in-law, Iris, is from the United Kingdom having been raised in Belfast, Ireland. I knew she was a British citizen when she became a U S Citizen, but didn't know those fine distinctions. Nope didn't know about the Mersey ferry to Liverpool either!

Have a good weekend everyone!
Cool, never knew what on earth that song meant! (Though I liked it anyway!)
Hot here..beach tomorrow! Spent most of today with Page and kids in the pool...Savi is getting better and better at being IN the pool, and might even be swimming by fall!!
Karen, I'm going to try to come on the Sunday afternoon of that weekend with Will.
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