Thursday, July 14, 2011


Day 1969 - Goodbye 60's, Hello 70's!

Greetings, Bloggy Music Lovers!

Blog Day 1969 made me think of the year 1969, which made me think of 60's music, and then I knew what I was going to blog about today...

I LOVE 50's and 60's music. I have a lot of cds, and have made THREE (count 'em) CD playlists (nearly 80 mins each) of just 50's Doo Wop music. I haven't even started the 60's playlists, but I have plenty of 60's music when I get there.

Back in the day, we had RECORDS, and record players. I have read some stuff on the 'net that makes me think there is a move to bring back vinyl records.

What I remember best about record players is this: if the record skipped or the needle on your record player needed replacing, you would tape pennies on the arm above the needle to weight it and steady the arm.

What I can't believe is that so many soundtracks and albums are NOT yet available on CD. Whassup with dat?

TTFN and get on with your vinyl groove!

I would like to hear your doo-wop Cd's. Any chance of copies?
240 minutes of do-wop music? Let's have a party!

Whenyou come to Maine you can listen to my commercial CDs of the top songs of the 50's, 60's etc, as well as all Rolling Stones cds, Eagles, CCR, etc. They belonged to Eric's Dad. Even though I have rarely listened to them, I couldn't bear to discard them during my 2009 move and this move.
I love love love the 50's and 60's. Still my favorite music of all time. :)
Savi and I stopped to feed the ducks today on our way home from Janet's. There were so many BABIES! Cutest ever! :)
You even know the words to the "oldies", Karen!
Hi Marcia - Are you coming to Providence when Will is in town? If the answer is yes, I'll bring you some music!
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