Monday, July 11, 2011


Day 1966 - Happy Anniversary to ME!

Greetings, Monday Morning Blahgers-

Guess what? I have officially been at my 'new' job for FIVE YEARS!

Happy Anniversary to me, Happy Anniversary to me, I hope I'm fully vested now, Happy Anniversary to me.

Sing that to the tune of Happy Birthday, of course.

For my service award, I received a $100 gift card from the company. I think that is SOOO much better than a paperweight or a clock or a pin with the corporate logo on it.

Hope you have a great Monday, anniversary or no!

Re yesterday's post--I love beet greens too. Beets are very popular in salads out here --but when I tell people about eating the greens that go with them I get a blank stare--now I know why!
Karen, I just read yesterday's blog, so I'll try to do as you ask! We bought them at the Farmer's Market that only comes to town on Sat., but Smedberg's has them too (that's where we buy our lobster). Those little beets still attached to the tops and you can't find them--too bad!

Happy 5th year on the job, and happy being vested! Yes, I would take $100. over a paperweight, or similar givt!

Gil has had some energy every day since Sat. and is working on getting the house next door ready for Nancy. I have only 2 more windows to wash, and the cupboards in the kitchen--that's for tomorrow morning. Today I spent 5 hours at the church helping to prepare the meal for the AARP folks. Sister, Martha, just stopped by to visit on her way home. She came up to visit Doug.
Happy Anniversary!!! Can't believe its been 5 years already! I've had three jobs and a baby in that timeframe...haha!!!
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