Saturday, July 09, 2011


Day 1964 - Sometimes I just hate MYSELF!

Greetings, Bloggy Weekenders!

I'm a woman, and sometimes I can't stand being one.

There's a lot of catty, cliquey, drama-filled, hormone induced pandamonium out there.

So, what's unusual about that?

My buddy at work told me this story yesterday. A friend of his (someone I don't know) spent 45 minutes ranting and raving about how he hated women, was through with women, had had enough of women, didn't want to be around any women, you get the picture.

After his rant was over, he announced that he had to get going.

Where was he going?


Man, can you imagine what that DATE was like - with him coming off of a 45 minute hate fest? Goodness gracious!

TTFN and don't hate anyone you plan to go out with!

hahaha! Maybe he has to go on a 45 min. rant EVERY time he goes on a he gets all that out of his system and can behave...too funny!!!
Savi and I spent the morning at the beach, then had ice cream at Moomoo's (which Savi mostly wore..) now we are home so I can do some tutu work for a while. Tomorrow we are meeting a bunch of other people at the beach, so we plan to stay much longer than 3 hours! Lots of kids for Savi to play with. Hoping to go Wednesday too with my friend Tania and her kids. I love summer! Mike is hiking Mt. Washington today. I DO know he made it to the top...don't know where in the hike he is now though....hopefully not being pushed back down. lol!!!
I love summer too!

Charlie is getting over a sinus infection so he's been in the house for a couple of days,poor thing.

I had 2 hours of water aerobics then grocery shopping to do.

I've had similar. Stuffy, sore throat, all congested and gross. Feeling yucky at least half the time. The other half, we spend at the beach. haha!
What a story about the woman-hater who leaves on a date. Very strange! I hope she's on to him quickly.

Who is Mike hiking with? That's quite a climb. I didn't know he was a hiker.

We went to see Larry Crowne--it was pretty good. Not much of a story, but I like Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. Mary Ann went with us and came over for supper after the Norway Arts Festival. Supper was all vegetables, mostly from the Farmers Market--fresh peas, beet greens, and Finnish nisseu (sp?) bread-- and asparagus and red bliss potatoes from Hannaford.
I want some beet greens!!!
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