Thursday, July 07, 2011


Day 1962 - Ouch! I've fractured my LANGUAGE!

Does it hurt when you fracture your LANGUAGE? Do you need to take it to the doctor?

Charlie read me a 'for sale' ad yesterday.

The person was selling an armoire, but the ad read something like "Anybody need an omwa?"

I am NOT kidding!

How can you OWN one and not know how to spell it?

Granted, armoire isn't the easiest word in the dictionary, but good grief. You're on a COMPUTER, buddy. LOOK IT UP!

I don't know if I could get over the mortification I'd feel if I was responsible for a fracture in the third degree.

TTFN, tread softly, and carry a big... DICTIONARY!!

That makes me SO annoyed! I HATE reading ads for anything that has misspelled words in it. I will purposely NOT buy something from someone who cannot spell...WILL NOT! My husband thinks that's stupid, but maybe that's because he doesn't care if HE spells something incorrectly. I do.
Hey, I was trying to think of the name for that style of furniture, and you gave me the answer, an "omwa"--oops I mean armoire. That's really funny!
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