Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Day 1961 - So... Whassup?

Greetings, Bloggy Middlers!

It's the middle of the week already? How did that happen?

Here's a cutie pie photo of Miss Savi in her 4th of July outfit.

Lately she is engaged in some kind of dancing or singing activity in most of the pictures I see! EPIC CUTENESS.

So...Whassup? Wanna hear another joke?

A husband and wife are having some together time, drinking some wine.

After a few glasses, he hears her murmur "I just don't know HOW I could live without you!"

Flattered, he teases her and says "Aw, is that the wine talking?"

She replied "No, it's ME talking to the WINE!"


HAHAHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! I may need to post that one on Facebook. :)

Getting ready to drop off Savi, then working on tutus and tonight we are meeting my friend Tania and her little ones in EP for a kids concert at the library. "ToeJam" lol!
Good morning! Funny joke! Adorable photo of Savi!
Well she ruined that opportunity for some lovin'!

Have been admiring all of the photos of Savi (never too many) on FB.
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