Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Day 1960 - Wanna Hear a Retiree Joke?

Greetings, Bloggy Blue Hairs!

That was a reference to the silver/gray/blue sheen of some retirees...

Anyway - I have a joke a 70-year-old told me in the pool this morning.

A retiree goes to the health club.

He spots a sweet young thing (probably 50) doing her exercise and wants to impress her.

He asks one of the trainers "What machine do you think I should use to impress that sweet young thing?"

The trainer looks HER over, looks HIM over, and quips "Sir, I think you ought to learn to use the ATM in the hall!"

HAHAHAHA! Have a nice day!

Weird to see the new name-clever!

Good joke! I remember my mother had blue hair--everyone did in those days.
Cute joke!! haha!

Today has been clean up and try to get things normal again day. After a fun but exhausting long weekend, my neglected home needed some help. Food shopping, a little re-organizing, sweeping up animal sized piles of dog fur, dishes and whatever...lots accumulates when you are only running in and out!! Savi had another fun day at Page's house playing in the pool ALL DAY! (I couldn't wait for her to be brave enough to want to go in, now I can't get her out!) then fireworks at night in Attleboro. Nice that tonight will be an early night, though :)
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