Saturday, June 25, 2011


Day 1950 - How NOT to Prepare For An Alien Invasion

Charlie and I watched the movie "Skyline" last night.

Long story short - aliens invade, and the people who have survived are trying to escape.

Did they PACK SOMETHING useful to take with them? Nope.

Did they CHANGE CLOTHES because a cocktail dress and high heels might not be suitable for running and screaming and escaping? Nope.

Did they have a PLAN before they went outside amidst a city full of MONSTERS? Nope.

The moral of the story is - have a plan. Being prepared for a simple little alien invasion should be a piece of cake! Right? Right!

I'll be all set with my sturdy, sensible shoes.

There's a minister here today who knew Grammie in Thousand Oaks. She said lots of people remember her.

At the end of yesterday's comment, I can hear exactly the way Nancy asks Mom something.
Neat, Marcia!
Hi and bye! I'm reading a book right now that is similar to that movie! I think they even made it into a movie...will have to check and post...
All FB friends, I posted Savi's dance video on my Facebook. Take a peek. Lousy video but she is awful cute!!
It IS a movie...The Road. Need to see it now cuz the book is FANTASTIC!
We'll try getting 'The Road' from netflix! Thanks for the recommendation and I LOVED the videos! xxx
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