Friday, June 24, 2011


Day 1949 - Friday, Hooray!

Greetings, Bloggy TGIFers-

It's Friday, Hooray! You know what to do, march in a circle chanting 'Fri-day! Fri-day! Fri-day!'

Confession of the day... I am a well-over-90-pound WEAKLING!

The list of things I cannot open gets longer every day.

A little bitty PILL bottle is stronger than I am. A jar lid is daunting. They are even making chip bags and inner liners nowadays that require SCISSORS for me to get into.

Those cartons with the spout opening like milk cartons - I end up mangling those when I try to open them. Individually packaged things like puddings where you have to peel back the plastic - difficult. Those little drink sachets that you pour into a water bottle? I usually have to cut them open.

Forget anything in molded plastic around toys and electronics. Forget the little, hard plastic clamps that go around sunglasses and other tagged items.

I don't even try to open those plastic mailer bags - I just hand them to Charlie to wrestle with.

Maybe when I grow up I'll be able to master OPENING things? Maybe not!

I am so with you on this, Karen. However I didn't picure you as an opening klutz! I spend a lot of time swearing at those things.

This is my big weekend of opera and my Sat party--we have 52 people so far, will be in low 80's (it's outside of SF so warmer)- we'll be out by the pool (not in it though).
Mary Ann is happy as a clam to be out here for my party--today she's shopping for special earrings for me to wear with the Mexican dress that I also wore for my 60th party, rememeber that, Peggy?
I am also an opening clutz. I have now broken my tooth TWICE trying to gnaw things open or off...not good! I try my best to be patient now and wait for scissors or at least a finger nail clipper! ha!
Tomorrow is Savi's dance rehearsal. She will be all dressed up in her costume with MAKEUP on and everything. (they actually ask you to do that so their little faces show up under all the lights onstage) Can't wait to take pics and HOPEFULLY get a video to put up on youtube tomorrow!!
Have fun Nancy and Mary Ann!!!
Go Savi! Go Aunt Nancy! Go, Aunt Mary Ann!
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